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Do you have water and sewage tests to perform and you are wondering where to do them? Are you interested in the analysis of sewage, drinking water, or maybe you have sewage sludge to study?

The Ekomeritum company provides comprehensive services in the field of environmental protection and makes every effort to set a convenient date for the service.

We operate throughout the country, so you don't have to worry about taking samples yourself. Our sampler will do it for you, and you will only indicate and share the place of collection.

We offer accredited research in the field of environmental protection. Our range of services includes sampling as well as analysis.

We offer comprehensive service in the field of specific markingsthanks to many years of cooperation with many accredited research laboratories. These laboratories guarantee high quality of water and sewage tests, which are confirmed by accreditation in accordance with applicable standards.

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WATER - water testing!

Water testing - the purpose of water testing:

Water that is safe for humans is water that does not contain pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. It must also be free of chemical compounds in an amount that could threaten human health and life and should not cause damage to water pipes (e.g. due to corrosive properties).

Water testing - the scope we offer:

As part of water testing, we offer, among others: physicochemical and microbiological tests of groundwater and surface water quality (basic and extended) including sampling.

The laboratory tests e.g. water intended for human consumption under surveillance and review monitoring.

Groundwater from wells, borehole water intakes, piezometers, water from newly installed water supply connections, swimming pools, various types of catering and service outlets (restaurants, cafes), surface water (from rivers, lakes, streams, artificial reservoirs, bathing areas), as well as technological and other waters are subject to testing.

WASTEWATER - wastewater testing!

Sewage tests - the purpose of conducting sewage tests:

The primary activity of a wastewater producer is checking their quality. Wastewater testing enables the maintenance of appropriate parameters and concentrations at the outlet of the enterprise, sewage treatment plant or pre-treatment plant.

Wastewater testing - the scope we offer:

The offered scope of wastewater testing includes, among others:  sewage sludge tests, instantaneous, averaged and average daily sewage intakes in terms of a wide range of parameters and substances.

In our offer you will find wastewater tests of various origins, e.g. municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater (in terms of the content of various substances and a wide range of parameters) as well as precipitation and snowmelt (mainly in terms of the content of suspended solids and petroleum substances).

The need to perform tests at our clients results not only from the obligations described in the relevant regulations or water-legal permits, but also from the need to attach the test results to water-legal surveys at the stage of obtaining the permit itself or when digging wells and creating hydrogeological documentation.

Sewage tests - types of wastewater intake.

Where is the wastewater/water abstraction performed?

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We offer not only manual sampling performed by the sampler, but also automatic sampling with the use of a specialized device commonly known as an autosampler, which is used for average daily sampling (proportional to time or flow).

Withdrawals are carried out from various places, e.g. from taps on wells, drains located in the sewage network, sewage collectors, flowing waters (including rivers, canals), ditches and others.

Water and sewage intakes. Location, qualifications and equipment of the laboratory, conditions for sampling and analysis.

Samples are taken throughout the country by samplers representing the laboratory.  Sample takers are experienced, qualified professionals. 

The laboratory has an appropriate fleet of cars adapted to transport samples in refrigerated conditions.

Samples arrive at the laboratory at the right time and are stored in the right conditions until testing begins. The tests start at the time specified by the regulations. After the tests are completed and the results are read, they are described in the form of a report and sent to the Principal.

In each phase of the tasks performed, only proven solutions from suppliers and manufacturers are used, which affects the high quality of the services provided.

Water/sewage testing. – What does the price depend on?

The price depends on the type of collection, the range of measured parameters and substances, the number of collection points and the number of tested samples.

The offer is always prepared individually after receiving information about the scope of the customer's needs.

The deadlines depend both on the client's needs and on the laboratory's current schedule for a given period.

We are working quickly and conveniently for the client.

Service is implemented in fixed and convenient for each party deadline.

Our offer is addressed to enterprises and localized institutions all over the country!

We will be happy to answer your questions and present an offer tailored to your needs.

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