Notification of installations causing the release of gases and/or dust into the air


Notification of gas and dust emissions into the air

We prepare complete documentation required to report installations that release gases and/or dust into the air. We complete each order on time and reliably. We have experience and expert knowledge in the field of environmental protection. We have knowledge about the obligations that an entrepreneur must meet in the context of applicable air quality standards (e.g. in terms of emission standards or limit values ​​(reference)). Thanks to our professional support, you will avoid unpleasant legal and financial consequences.

notification of gas and dust emissions into the air

Notification of gas and dust emissions into the air. – What help can you count on at Ekomeritum?

reporting of gas emissions into the air

At Ekomeritum, knowledge of the law goes hand in hand with practical knowledge. As a result, we have helped many entities that operate installations that emit gases and dust into the air. Our clients are production plants, commercial and service companies, facility administrators and developers, central and local government administration, various types of institutions and many other entities.

We prepare documentation for installations located throughout the country. We approach each order individually. Regardless of whether the operated installation emits welding gases or is used to produce glass or another product, we will certainly help you. We will not only analyze the situation and prepare the application, but we will also guide you through the entire administrative procedure.

Notification of gas and dust emissions into the air. – When is it necessary?

Documentation is prepared in the following cases:

construction of a new installation (starting operations by a new plant or a plant in a new location or building a new installation in an existing plant),

change in the installation (regarding, among others, a change in the type or size of the owned installations/processes).

The entity operating on the market is obliged to notify the installation by submitting the so-called "notification" or request for permission before it starts operating! The authority competent to inform about the use or changes introduced in the used installation is the locally competent environmental protection authority (starosta, regional director of environmental protection, marshal of the voivodeship).

Notification of gas and dust emissions. – What is the cooperation with us like?

gas emissions report

Receipt of an order from the Ordering Party.

Provision of materials by the Employer to the Contractor (information on the installation and documents of the entity operating the installation to the extent required to be attached to the notification or included in its content). If necessary, a site inspection is carried out.

Starting the preparation of documentation by the Contractor. This step includes the following actions:

  • analyzing the materials sent and possibly requesting supplementing them from the Ordering Party,
  • applying to the competent office for the background of pollution for the location of the installation,
  • making preliminary calculations,
  • entering the results of preliminary calculations and other source data regarding the installation into the program modeling the spread of pollutants into the air,
  • performing calculations by the program,
  • analysis of the results, description of the results and description of the reporting entity (e.g. plant) and installations (sources and emitters - ongoing processes and devices used to reduce pollutants emitted into the air),
  • making a summary of the results in a descriptive form.

Sending the prepared documentation in an electronic version for the Employer's approval (including in terms of the description of the plant and operation of the installation),

Entering the Employer's comments, if any,

After receiving approval, printing the documentation in the appropriate number of copies and delivering it.

Participation in administrative proceedings. In the event that there are questions on the part of the office regarding the documentation, preparation of written explanations regarding the received letter.

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Notification of gas and dust emissions. Deadlines for examining the application at the office.

According to the Code of Administrative Procedure, the competent environmental protection authority has 30 days to accept the notification (or to send comments). If the Office fails to send comments to the Applicant within 30 days from the date of submission of the application to the Office, it is considered that he has “tacitly” accepted the application without any comments. There are cases of sending a letter by the Office confirming the receipt of the application (these are rare cases, but they do occur).

Entities which so far have not had their formal and legal status properly regulated, in the case of an inspection by the voivodeship environmental protection inspector, receive post-inspection orders that indicate the obligation to regulate the outdated formal and legal status!

In accordance with the law, the environmental protection authority examining the application for a permit for the emission of gases or dust into the air may issue a negative decision. This happens when the operation of the installation would significantly exceed the emission standards, limit values ​​(reference) or certain conditions imposed by law would not be met.

Both emission standards and reference values ​​are determined by means of executive regulations of the competent minister, based on the Environmental Protection Law.

These documents indicate to entrepreneurs, institutions and other entities the upper values ​​for substances that should not be exceeded when emitting pollutants (i.e. gases and dusts) into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, an administrative decision issued to a given entity in the field of gas and dust emissions into the air imposes specific, often more stringent, limit values ​​than those provided in the regulations, for which entities may be held accountable in the future.

The emission limit values ​​described in the decision also enable certain authorities to control air quality and facilitate the exercise of air protection, understood as care for its condition. These authorities have the right to carry out measurements of concentrations and amounts of substances emitted by entities into the atmosphere during official inspections of the operation of the entrepreneur's installations. These authorities also carry out immission measurements as part of the inspection, i.e. the concentration of these substances in the air in a given area / in a given location. We often see some of the effects of immission control on TV news programs as a summary of the state of air for a given city.

Meeting the limit values ​​(not exceeding the reference values ​​and often also the emission standards) is a prerequisite, which is one of the criteria for obtaining a positive decision on the emission of gases and dust into the air. If you do not know whether the operated installations meet the required emission standards, you will receive the necessary help at Ekomeritum. We will make all the necessary measurements and calculations, prepare documentation, and if the permissible values ​​are exceeded, we will try to advise what solutions are possible to meet the emission standards.

Pursuant to the Code of Administrative Procedure, the office should consider the application for a decision (permit) without undue delay within 1 month, and in particularly complicated cases, within 2 months from the date of initiation of the procedure.

It should be remembered that these deadlines do not take into account the circulation of letters with requests for answers and explanations to official letters, the time given for the applicant to respond, the deadlines for suspending the proceedings for various reasons, which are provided by the Office based on the loopholes provided by the KPA. At the moment, when we are dealing with the prevailing pandemic, most cases are treated as complicated. The duration of the administrative procedure is unpredictable due to remote work on the part of offices, a large number of cases and people in quarantine.

Reporting gas and dust emissions into the air - necessary support from professionals

Submitting a notification and applying for a decision (permit) regarding the emission of gases or dust into the air involves a tedious administrative procedure. At Ekomeritum you will receive professional support at every stage. We will help you meet the formal conditions of the application, which will not only streamline the administrative proceedings, but also increase the chance of its positive consideration by the environmental protection authorities. Importantly, in some cases, reporting the installation may not be sufficient. Then the entity must apply for a permit to release gases or dust into the air. The legislator also specified installations that do not require either notification or permission. If you do not know which group to classify your installations, please contact us. Our specialists will dispel all your doubts.
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The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.

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