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We offer measuring nipples with M64x4 internal thread intended for the preparation of the measuring station. Measuring connector enables correct measurements in accordance with the PN-Z-04030-7:1994 standard.

The inner diameter of the measuring port in the wall of the flow channel and the length of the port should ensure free insertion probes inside the flow channel.

We offer measuring stubs M64x4 as standard made of different types of steel: galvanized and stainless steel; with straight or curved collar; or other according to individual customer requirements.

In the case of non-standard emitters or conditions, please contact us by phone to determine the scope of the offer.

measuring steps

Installation of connectors

For the installation of connectors, it is necessary to provide information about the location of the emitter in Poland, the height of the emitter, the shape, the material it is made of, the conditions of the emitter's atmosphere (e.g. is it 291K, i.e. room temperature, or elevated) and whether additional pre-insulation is used on the emitter?

If the installation is not adapted to the correct installation of stub pipes we can carry out measurements emitters' expertise and check whether it is possible to set up emitter covers for making measurements.

acid-proof measuring nipple
measuring connector 1
rotated welding crocs

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