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Hydrogeological documentation is a set of documents illustrating the results of hydrogeological conditions research carried out for a specific area for a specific practical purpose (in the case of designing groundwater intakes, conducting hydrotechnical, mining, construction, communication, etc.)
hydrogeological documentation

According to the Geological and Mining Law, documentation is prepared in the following cases:

water permit 1

The hydrogeological documentation consists of various parts.

The hydrogeological documentation consists of various parts, e.g. the part concerning the performed analysis, a summary of the results of field tests and measurements, interpretation of these tests and measurements in the form of charts, maps, cross-sections and conclusions.

It consists of the following parts:

1 step

tabular part

with the results of tests and measurements

2 step

The graphic part

charts, maps and sections

3 step

text part

which is an extended explanation of the tabular and graphical part with the analysis of the results

4 step

application part

Normally, hydrogeological documentation is prepared in a standardized form in accordance with applicable standards and instructions.

Decisions approving hydrogeological documentation are issued for an indefinite period.

The entity is obliged to obtain a decision before starting to use the intake.

The authority competent to issue a decision approving the hydrogeological documentation is the commune head, mayor, starost or Voivodeship Geologist, if the capacity of the well exceeds 50 m3/hour.

What does the cooperation look like?

Receipt of an order from the Ordering Party.

Provision of materials by the Employer to the Contractor (e.g. simplified excerpts from the land register for plots, a master map covering the plots on which the plant is located and direct neighbours, documents of the entity applying for a decision to the extent required to be attached to the application or included in the application).

Starting the preparation of documentation by the Contractor, analyzing the materials sent and possibly requesting them to be supplemented by the Employer, performing calculations, analyzing the results, describing the results and describing the applicant entity (e.g. plant) and installation, summarizing the results in a descriptive form.

hydrogeological documentation

After receiving approval, printing the documentation in the appropriate number of copies and delivering it.

Participation in administrative proceedings in the event that there were comments from the office to the documentation.

Deadlines for examining the application in the office. According to the KPA, the competent office has 30 days (in special cases up to 60 days) to consider the application.

The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.

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