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Most of the time we come across controls with Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) or z Marshal's Office.

We will assist you in implementation of the POST-INSPECT ORDER issued by both of the above-mentioned bodies.

We operate efficiently, we quickly identify needs and make a valuation.

We offer services at competitive prices and efficient execution of commissioned tasks.

organ inspections

The most common control is the VIEP control

village control

VIEP inspection may be:

a) planned (entered into the Office's control plan),

b) periodic (inspection of the plant from time to time resulting from the specificity of its operation or owned installations),

c) incidental (resulting from an event that affected some other entity, e.g. a neighbor of the plant).

Our company will support you in implementing the VIEP CONTROL REGULATIONS (Provincial Inspector for Environmental Protection).

We act quickly, we efficiently identify needs and evaluate services. We offer services at competitive prices and quickly complete the commissioned tasks.

Please contact us in the following areas:

a) willingness to regulate the formal and legal status in the scope of:

  • gas and dust emissions,
  • processing, production, transport, waste collection,
  • taking water from intakes,
  • discharge of rainwater and meltwater into waters or into the ground,
  • discharge of sewage containing particularly harmful substances
    to the sewage system of another company/institution,
  • possession of installations subject to an integrated permit;

b) the need to calculate and complete a report on fees for the use of the environment in terms of gas and dust emissions into the air,

c) the need to report to KOBIZE,

d) waste records,

e) supplementing the collective list of waste management,

f) supplementing the packaging reports,

g) complete the notification and complete reports on electrical and electronic equipment;

h) the need to perform measurements and tests in the scope of:

  • gas and dust emissions,
  • water taken from intakes,
  • sewage disposal (including sewage containing particularly harmful substances discharged to the sewage system of another entity) and rainwater and meltwater as well as sewage discharged into waters or into the ground),
  • noise emissions to the environment;

i) to check the tightness of devices aimed at protecting the environment,

j) the need to install a separator (wastewater pretreatment) or a device to reduce gas emissions into the air (e.g. VOCs),

and in other areas.

 The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.

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