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  • for waste collection,
  • for waste processing,
  • for the generation of waste, including the collection or treatment of waste

are given after prior inspection by the fire chief

  • installation,
  • a building or part thereof,
  • waste storage sites where waste processing or collection is planned

in terms of meet the requirements indicated in the fire protection regulations
confirmation of their compliance with the fire protection criteria specified in the previously prepared document and attached to the application for a waste management permit fire operation.

fire protection operation 1
firefighting operations

If the application is to be submitted to the voivodeship marshal or RDOŚ (regional director for environmental protection), the document must be prepared by a fire protection expert. In the event that the recipient of the application is the staroste, the fire safety survey may be prepared by a person with a fire engineer education or higher education in the field of fire safety engineering.

The response to a request for approval of documentation such as fire reports may be:

Issuance of the order

The arrangement takes the form of issuing a decision, which in this case the applicant may appeal to the voivodship commander of the fire brigade.

After the implementation of the documentation of the fire protection service, it is possible to start operations after inspection by the State Fire Service.

It should be remembered that there is no right to appeal against the post-inspection decision - the content of the post-inspection decision is binding for the authority issuing the permit. If the State Fire Service authority issues a negative opinion (the decision in response to the fire inspection report will be negative), then the staroste/voivodship marshal/regional director of environmental protection is obliged to refuse to issue the permit.

The fire protection requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the Waste Act, should be announced in the form of a regulation of the Minister of the Interior (in consultation with the Minister of the Environment). 

(Art. 41a, 43 of the Act, Art. 4 of the Act on Fire Protection)

fire protection

The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.

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