Initial Report - Ekomeritum


Initial report

It is an attachment to Integrated Permit – documentation
consisting of a descriptive part and the results of accredited laboratory tests.

It is a study that contains more detailed and insightful descriptions
conducted research and analysis of their results than Risk Analysis.


Contains a description of the security plant against soil contamination (soil and ground water) that may enter the plant as substances hazardous to the environment.

Initial report precedes taking soil samples (soil and water) from the impact area and carefully analyze them in terms of appearing
in them 


In order to properly select the scope of research, it should be taken into account both probable contamination resulted before the start of construction of the current/currently planned plant (historical pollution), as well as those pollutants that may have been caused by the activities of the currently operated on
this plant area.

soil test
initial state of water and soil

From the preliminary tests carried out on the basis of the collected soil and water samples, it is determined whether it should not be appropriate in certain places retrieve land from greater depth and denserto define the boundaries of the pollutants when a contaminated area is found. This means that the Investor should be aware that he may be forced to perform such more detailed tests despite the performance of preliminary tests, which may turn out to be insufficient.

Based on the research and analysis, an initial report is prepared.

Its results show the initial state of the soil and water in the ground with which the plant started its operation (or as of the date of conducting the research, if the plant had previously existed and started to be subject to an integrated permit).

The conclusions of the report may indicate the need to clear the ground in some places.

The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.