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Detection and assessment of soil contamination allows to determine the scale of the problem in a given area.

In the field of soil and soil testing, we offer, among others: performing tests of physical and chemical properties.

soil test
soil testing

Awareness of the previous presence of an industrial plant, landfill or other type of activity in a given area means that an offer will be presented to verify the soil also in terms of threats resulting from the past of the plot. we offer land surveys mainly in Warsaw and its vicinity. We also accept orders from other regions of Poland. The samplers representing the laboratory coming to you make the appropriate collection of samples to perform various types of tests.


Legal basis:

REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT on how to conduct the assessment contamination of the earth's surface

The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.