EkoMeritum is a Polish company acting for over 15 years, specializing in the environmental protection consulting. In this field we offer you a wide range of services, still developing and actively following changes resulting from law improvements and adapting the law to the Common Market of the European Union.

Our experts will willingly help you to supplement missing elements within current documentation requirements or to bring up to date already existing documentation, what will enable you to fulfill duties put on you in frames of the law in force.

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EkoMeritum proposes you the following services and studies:

  • specialized advisory services in the widely comprehended environmental protection,
  • drafting applications and documentation for:
    • integrated permits,
    • permits for the emission of gases and dusts to air,
    • reports of emission into air,
    • decisions for executing/legalizing water equipment
    • water-legislative permits,
    • permits for producing waste (reports of the waste disposal),
    • licenses for processing (recycling and neutralizing), collecting and      transport of waste,
    • decisions concerning emitting the noise to the environment;
    • decisions about environmental conditions
  • Reports on the environmental impact (OOŚ- PL) and Reference card of the investment (KIP- PL);
  • the ISO preparation for the implementation and internal reviews in Companies before annual visits of certificating individuals;
  • examinations and measurements: emission into: air, sewers, water, soil, noise, waste and geophysical;
  • remediation plan and implementation in site and ex site
  • examining of workstations (EHS) (BHP-PL);
  • ecological Audits (inspections); environmental physical counts
  • calculating payments for using the environment and reports to The National Center for Balancing and Emission Management (KOBiZE- PL);
  • filling collective balance sheets about produced waste;
  • filling the register of packages and calculating the product payment;
  • conducting trainings;
  • separators of oil derivatives,
  • matching installations to reduce Volatile organic compounds (VOC) (LZO – PL)
  • support in the implementation of Post-Control Orders of the Voivodship Inspector for Environmental Protection (WIOŚ – PL)

We hope that the presented list of services fulfills your expectations. In case of additional questions or any doubt we will be happy to answer your inquiries sent to us at the mail address biuro@ekomeritum.pl or call us.

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Thank you for your interest in your offer. We hope that you will find it interesting. Our specialists will answer all your questions, and in case of doubts will help you in making the right decisions.

Moreover we prepared documentation / measurements / examinations for several dozen other companies.