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Investment Stage


A decision on environmental conditions is very often necessary to obtain a building permit.

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Natural inventory

Inventory of flora and fauna or inventory of trees and shrubs.

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In situ reclamation or soil replacement and exit reclamation.

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Environmental protection audit

The audit reveals the unfulfilled obligations of enterprises in relation to the applicable environmental protection law.

Exploitation Stage

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Air Emission

Studies in the field of emissions are necessary to apply for permits for the emission of gases and dust into the air.

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Water law surveys

Reports on water and sewage management (intake water, discharged sewage).

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Waste Generation

Having an installation from which waste is generated and exceeding the amount of waste indicated in the Act.

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Waste Processing

In the case of waste processing, it is necessary to obtain a waste processing permit.

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Emission measurements

Initial and periodic measurements of pollutant emissions (gases and dusts) to the atmospheric air.

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Devices necessary for draining sewage from paved roads and parking lots.

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Spigots, overlays on emitters

Measuring products.

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Database on products, packaging and waste management.

Remember, however, that the specificity of our industry is the fact that the company offers a service, not a finished product on a warehouse shelf. We need time to prepare an offer that is right for you and to perform the work already commissioned. If you send us your permits or other documentation, it will make it easier for us to prepare an appropriate offer. In the content of the documentation sent, e.g. permits, we will find most of the necessary parameters on which the valuation of the service depends.

We work with companies

We offer consulting in the field of environmental protection.

 You manage a company, work as a director, manager, environmental protection specialist or other:

Have you been given the task of overseeing the implementation of a plant expansion project or meeting the company's obligations related to environmental protection already at the stage of its operation?

Are you a company that has been operating outside of Poland so far and you want to legalize your business in our country?

Running a business involves responsibility in various areas, including: protection of the environment, you are overwhelmed by laws, you are tired of legal restrictions. – You want not everything to fall on your shoulders. – Need support?

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Are you wondering whether the purchase of a plot for a new investment or the purchase of an already operating production plant can create unforeseen costs related to environmental protection?

VIEP surprised you and announced inspections, or have you already received post-inspection orders from the Voivodship Inspection for Environmental Protection?

Do you want to expand your competences? Are you wondering to what extent the acquired knowledge will enrich your company? Are you looking for training, e.g. in the field of waste management, environmental fees, KOBIZE, etc.?

You have the following problem…:

Do you have a problem with a noisy neighbor?

It smells bad in the area! - You found the culprit and you want to investigate Odors?

You want to reduce gas / dust emissions (including VOCs) into the air and you have not found a solution yet!

Your emitter will fail to adapt to the measurement and you need a solution, and you must meet the conditions of the permit.

You manage packaging waste or waste. You have difficulty completing the records in BDO or you have never done it before.

Need accredited measurements?

You store combustible waste and need a fire safety report.

You want to change the status of waste to a by-product and you are looking for a documentation contractor.

The beginning of the year scares you - Kobize and fees for using the environment and other annual reports will be prepared for you!!!!

You transport, process, generate waste, manage water and sewage, emit gases and dust into the air and want to regulate the formal and legal status, i.e. you intend to apply for administrative decisions (permits, permits).

Let us carry out an environmental audit

If we find a problem, we will propose an optimal solution for you and you will decide whether we should also eliminate it.

During the audit, the specialist will visit the plant, read the documents, view the installations and prepare a concise report. After the audit, you will be able to proceed (independently or by outsourcing) to supplement the missing elements in order to fulfill your obligations under applicable law.

Calmly call us and we will not leave you alone with your problem!

If you don't find the service you need in our list of services, don't worry - nothing is impossible for our team!

EkoMeritum is a company with over 15 years of experience operating throughout Poland

environmental reports

We specialize in consulting in the field of environmental protection. We offer a wide range of services in this field. From the beginning of our company's operation, consulting in the field of environmental protection has been the basis of our activities.

We are one of the leading companies on the Polish market - we have been operating for over 15 years in the field of environmental protection services.

We focus on environmental protection activities in Poland, although the Group we operate in also includes companies operating in other industries, simultaneously on several European markets. The reason is the desire to ensure the appropriate quality of consulting services in the field of environmental protection.

In the face of the constantly changing law and the multitude of legal acts regarding environmental protection, we made a conscious decision to focus on one market and limit ourselves to activities in Poland. Based on the above assumption, we specialize in a wide range of environmental protection services and products.

We also perform various types of other analyses

Environmental protection is our "Horse"

We cooperate with a large group of specialists and experts.

We will surely find a solution!

Development of EkoMeritum

We started our activity from preparing various types of documentation in order to apply for permits and permits (so-called administrative decisions) in the field of environmental protection.

Then it was time to complete and complete the reports, e.g. fees for the use of the environment, reports to the National Center for Balancing and Management of Emissions and others.

After some time, we also offered measurements and tests in the field of environmental protection and health and safety (measurements at workstations) and performed audits in the field of environmental protection.

The time has also come to expand the business by selling separators, connectors and overlays for emitters (allowing measurement in places where it was previously impossible), and also offering customers more complex services and products such as VOC reduction installations and many others.

environmental protection outsourcing
ecological companies

Our company is still developing, complementing and expanding the range of services and products provided. Our goal is the most reliable customer service, based on building mutual trust and a sense of security in the field of environmental protection.

Our company consists of responsible and competent specialists. It is supported by specialized partners with a wide range of knowledge and experience. The goal of the entire team is timely and reliable execution of the tasks entrusted to us.

We provide our clients with the services of specialists in the field of waste and packaging waste management, gas and dust emissions into the air, water and sewage management, noise emissions to the environment. We cooperate with: naturalists, audit specialists, specialists in the preparation of applications for decisions on environmental conditions, specialists in integrated permits, hydrogeologists and geologists, specialists in the field of health and safety and fire protection, and others.


We cooperate on an ongoing basis with offices issuing decisions and giving opinions on investments, e.g. District Offices, Commune Offices, Marshal Offices, Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection, Sanepids, Polish Waters, Fire Brigade Headquarters. In addition, during inspections (when necessary), we stay in touch with the Provincial Inspectorates for Environmental Protection at the request of our clients.

We offer measurements and tests and cooperate with many laboratories. If a laboratory is not accredited for one of the parameters or substances, it cooperates with other laboratories. In 95% of cases, we are able to perform accredited tests in the missing scope resulting from the administrative decision issued to you. There are cases that a laboratory uses the services of another, partner laboratory located in one of the European Union Member States.

We try to provide our customers with the widest range of measurements and tests.

We make, among others documentation and services such as:

  • project information card,
  • environmental impact report

for the planned investment along with other documentation supplementing the application for a decision on environmental conditions, e.g.

  • inventory of flora and fauna,
  • inventory of trees and shrubs,
  • geotechnical documentation,
  • geological and engineering documentation.
  • reports on gas and dust emissions into the air, 
  • water law surveys in the field of water and sewage management, 
  • reports in the field of waste management (production, processing, collection of waste and recognition of waste as a by-product), 
  • documentation for applications for integrated permits.
  • reports on fees for the use of the environment, 
  • reports to Kobize, 
  • BDO database (we supplement it in various scopes), 
  • and other.,

we offer accredited measurements and tests in the field of:

  • environmental protection (emissions to the environment),
  • health and safety (at workstations),

we offer remediation works in which the following are possible:

  • performing soil and groundwater tests,
  • determining the extent of contamination,
  • preparation of a remediation plan document,
  • land reclamation.

The scope of work depends on the scope of the received order.

in the case of an inspection by the Voivodship Inspector for Environmental Protection, we help companies to implement post-inspection orders.

if it is necessary to install:

  • measuring connectors,
  • overlays on emitters,
  • equipment to reduce VOC emissions,
  • separator of petroleum substances

we also help you,

if necessary, we carry out environmental protection reviews and present the results of the audit in the form of a concise report containing recommendations.

We offer advice on the obligation to meet the requirements of the OŚ law!

Our experience supported references

Our experience is confirmed by the received by us Reference. So far, many companies representing a number of industries have trusted us. We are constantly developing, thanks to which we are

able to effectively help our clients in an ever-wider spectrum of topics. Our references are available on this website in the "References" tab.

We offer a wide range of specialized services

We will listen, explain, indicate "for" and "against", prepare documentation, prepare reports in the field of environmental protection, and if necessary, we will carry out tests or measurements in the required scope. We put at your disposal a team of experienced advisors. In our company you will receive professional support of an individual tutor free of charge.

Official Deadlines

What are the office deadlines?

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competent authorities

Competent Authority- Which authority is competent

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Legal basis

Legal acts concerning environmental protection.

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Service description

What is the customer service process like when it comes to preparing documentation?

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