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Environmental protection audit

environmental audit is the best way to verify that a company meets its environmental obligations. We offer you an audit carried out by specialists with experience in this field.

The service consists of a visit to the plant, viewing the materials and documents made available and preparing a concise report. After the audit is completed, we also offer ad hoc consultations, and in the event of additional needs, we offer continuation of cooperation by performing the necessary additional services in the field of documentation, reports and measurements.

Ekomeritum offers noise measurements and consultations to find a solution to the problem if noise tests indicate that the permissible values ​​of noise emitted to the environment have been exceeded.

environmental audit

Comprehensive environmental protection audit

environmental protection audit

We carry out comprehensive ecological reviews of companies and selective reviews of environmental protection sectors. We adjust the scope to the client's needs.

Depending on the client's needs and the agreed scope, the audit and report can cover various aspects of environmental protection - (e.g. emission of gases and dust into the air, water intakesewage disposal, waste management, noise emission to the environment, etc.).

A comprehensive ecological audit (environmental protection audit) includes both a visit of the auditing person on the premises of the plant, as well as a review of records, reports, decisions and often contracts held by the plant. After inspecting the plant and reviewing the available materials, the specialist proceeds to prepare an environmental audit report, which culminates in conclusions describing possible areas for repairing unfulfilled obligations and making additions to documentation, reports, records, measurements and inspections, including devices.

environmental audit. – What is the purpose of an environmental audit?

Environmental protection audit for specific sectors of activity

It is possible to perform an environmental audit, for example, only in the field of waste management in the company producing waste or in the enterprise collecting waste.
In such a case, the auditing person will be focused on the analysis of waste management only, not dealing with other areas of the plant's use of the environment.

Environmental audit in the scope of the requirements of the PN ISO 14001 environmental management system

The purpose of the environmental audit is to detect irregularities and demonstrate them before the audit of the certifying company, so that the plant has time to make additions and corrective actions. When preparing for an audit conducted by a certifying authority, the company should be prepared in such a way that there are no non-compliances or their number is minimized.

Emitters inventory

Occasionally, as part of free processing forces, we undertake to carry out an inventory of emitters in order to prepare the plant for the performance of an air protection survey.
The service applies to plants that commission us with air protection surveys and is performed as a separate order in relation to the documentation commissioned to us.

environmental audit objective

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Telephone review of the company's needs in the field of environmental protection

During the telephone conversation, we offer recognition of your company's needs in the field of environmental protection, the so-called MINI AUDIT in the form of a PHONE CALL, during which we will specify your needs. After the conversation, we will be able to make you an offer for services that will solve your problems.
Based on a short conversation, we identify needs in the following areas:

regulating the formal and legal status in the field of: emissions of gases and dust into the air, waste management, abstracted water, discharged rainwater and snowmelt, discharge of sewage into the sewage system of another entity,

records and reporting in the field of environmental protection: fees for the use of the environment, filling in reports to KOBIZE, records in BDO,

measurements and tests in the field of environmental protection: gases and dust emitted into the air, water drawn, sewage discharged, noise emitted, waste produced and processed; land,

the need to install stub pipes, the need to use wastewater separators, the installation of equipment to reduce VOC emissions.

Each time the scope of the audit is agreed individually with the client. 

When it comes to scopes, we can configure audits in various ways, although the most beneficial for the client is a comprehensive recognition of the obligations that he should fulfill.

What areas, for example, can be verified during the "environmental audit" service?

a) emissions of gases and dust into the air,
b) generation, processing, collection and transport of waste,
c) use of water and wastewater disposal (water intake from intakes, reservoirs and watercourses; rainwater and meltwater discharged into waters or into the ground; discharge of wastewater containing particularly harmful substances into the sewage system of another entity).

– calculation of fees for the use of the environment,
– reporting to the KOBIZE database,
– filling in the BDO database in various scopes.

– emissions of gases and dust into the air,
– water taken from intakes and other sources,
– wastewater discharged,
– noise emission,
– waste,
– checking the tightness and proper operation of environmental protection devices,
– determination of the need to install measuring stubs, a separator of petroleum substances in order to pre-treat wastewater or devices to reduce gas and dust emissions into the air (e.g. devices to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds).
- other.

 The material is for information purposes only and is not an interpretation of the law. Due to possible changes in applicable law, all information provided should be verified and checked for validity.

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