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If you have a device or machine that emits noise with a high level of acoustic power - we can offer our services.

We offer design, installation and execution of insulating and sound-absorbing casings, silencers and acoustic screens.

We also offer measurements and preparation of noise reduction concepts. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce both noise in the workplace and noise emitted to the environment.

Solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of the production facility. We also offer professional acoustic documentation.

acoustic enclosures

Acoustic enclosures

Acoustic enclosures protect the sources of noise (machines and devices emitting noise with a high level of acoustic power), and thus reduce the level of noise emitted outside the enclosure. 

They are self-supporting structures, located a short distance from the silenced device/machine, or they are created as an integrated element with the device. The walls and ceiling luminaires are made of absorbing and insulating materials.

Depending on the needs of the plant personnel, they may have glazed elements, inspection openings, ventilation openings, lighting, they may be air-conditioned or mechanically ventilated.

For example: the housings have ventilation openings for acoustic silencers.

Using forced ventilation keeps the device case cool.  

The housings are made in accordance with the principles of ergonomics in such a way that their assembly does not interfere with the process. 

Acoustic screens

The screens limit the propagation of noise from the source to the receiver. The screen is used where it is not possible to use an insulating and sound-absorbing casing. The acoustic screen does not work if it does not create the so-called acoustic shadow. The effectiveness of screens usually does not exceed 10 dB.

Acoustic silencers

Acoustic silencers are designed to reduce the noise that is emitted by the air in the network and air conditioning ducts (square and tubular). The outer casing is usually made of steel or galvanized sheet or painted in a standard color from the RAL palette.

The housing is mounted through a flange adapted for mounting in ducts or individually, depending on the mounting method (for example, for hanging on the wall). 

The soundproofing inserts are made of carefully selected, non-combustible soundproofing boards. 

In addition, the insert can be protected with a galvanized perforated sheet.

Standard silencers are made of materials resistant to temperatures up to 200 degrees, on special request it is possible to use materials resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Examples of enclosures, silencers, acoustic screens

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