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Ecological sorbent E..BARK

It is used to remove oils, petroleum hydrocarbons, paints, emulsions, blood, some acids and bases from water and solid surfaces

Sorbent is a universal natural, ecological product, made of dried pine bark and wood waste (pine, spruce).

Thanks to its properties, it does not absorb water. This feature predisposes it to be used in case of spills of oil and oil derivatives on the water surface.

It can be collected manually or with the help of the so-called. water vacuum cleaners. It is effective with very thin "moonshine" oil films, which are formed when dirt is collected by mechanical methods. The sorbent is used in a loose form and in the form of sorption sleeves and barriers.

Used as a filter material in baskets and filter cassettes.

ecological sorbent

Ecological sorbent E..PROOL yellow

To remove, e.g. oils, petroleum hydrocarbons, paints, emulsions, some acids and bases from solid surfaces.

It is made of two types of wood: pine and spruce. The raw material is dried and cleaned of turpentine. In the production process, ingredients are used to reduce surface tension so as to obtain the best absorption properties for petroleum hydrocarbons, oils, some acids and bases.

Removes dirt from concrete, asphalt, stone floors and others. 

The absorption capacity is determined by the type of liquid and its density.

It is very effective and works quickly.

Absorption capacity tests show a very high absorption capacity - 1 kg of yellow sorbent absorbs about 3 kg of petroleum hydrocarbons and other oily substances.

Ecological sorbent E..PROOL blue - NEW!

Modified pine sawdust devoid of turpentine, subjected to special processes in order to obtain the greatest water resistance. Does not absorb water, effective with very thin oil coatings. After absorbing petroleum substances from the surface of the water, it takes a jelly-like form, forming lumps.

Natural - ecological product. Application: removal of oils and petroleum substances from the water surface.


Sewer chamber with the use of absorbent cushions

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